Possibility of using `chickpea aquafaba` as egg replacer in traditional cake formulation

The objective of this study was to determinate the possibility of substituting egg with chickpea aquafaba at different levels (0-25-50-75-100÷) in cake formulation and the quality characteristics of cake made with aquafaba. Physical (color analysis, volume index, symmetry index, and uniformity index), chemical (moisture, pH ash, protein) and sensorial properties of the cake samples were evaluated. 25÷ aquafaba-75÷ whole egg and 50÷ aquafaba-50÷ whole egg mixtures resulted in higher foaming capacity values than whole egg and the other replacement levels of aquafaba. Whole egg and aquafaba gave similar foaming stability values. While the use of up to 25 ÷ aquafaba gave similar volume index values with control cake sample. Using more than 50÷ aquafaba in cake formulation concluded with an increase in firmness values. 50÷ aquafaba added cake sample showed desired uniformity index values close to 0.00 mm. Results showed that increasing the aquafaba in the cake samples from 0 to 100÷ decreased crumb redness. The results of sensory evaluation indicated that samples containing 25÷ aquafaba were more preferred by panelists.
Mine ASLAN , Nilgün ERTAŞ
Harran Tarım ve Gıda Bilimleri Dergisi
Yıl 2020
Cilt 24
Sayı 1