Screening of Antimicrobial Effect against Microorganisms Threatening to Human Health of the Endemic Plant; Centaurea saligna (C. Koch) Wagenitz from Turkey

In this study, the antimicrobial effect researched on microorganisms threatening to human health of extract including methanol of Centaurea saligna that is endemic and used for therapy of many diseases. For disk diffusion method, this related extract is highly effective on the gram negative bacteria by its 20.3±0.5 mm inhibition area. Again to relation bacteria, gram positive bacteria are highly effective by 18.3±0.57 mm and 20.3±0.5 mm inhibition area. It has a effect against Candida species and Epidermophyton sp., the superficial skin infections are caused, by 9.6±0.5 mm and 13.6±1.5 mm inhibition area. On the other hand, for findings, this related extract is extremely effective against Trichophyton sp. that is one of dermatophyte fungi by 24.6±1.5 inhibition area. This natural extract shows its antimicrobial effect namely, by minimal inhibition value (MIC): 6.25 µL its lowest inhibition value against development of all the bacteria and dermatophyte fungi.
This plant has a potential to be a natural antimicrobial agent to be used as a medicine for human health and life quality.
Bilal BALUN , Ömer Faruk NEMUTLU , Ali SARI

Türk Doğa ve Fen Dergisi
Yıl 2020
Cilt 9
Sayı Özel Sayı

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