Effect of Industrial Refining Process on Fatty Acid, Sterol, Volatile Compound Profile and 3-MCPD Ester Content of Canola and Corn Oils

The study reports the changes in fatty acid and sterol composition; as well as volatile and 3-MCPD ester content of two commercial vegetable oils at different steps of refining process. Canola and corn oils were collected from neutralization, bleaching, winterization and deodorization stages of a chemical refining plant and oil samples were evaluated for fatty acid, sterol, volatile compounds and 3-MCPD ester contents. Results have shown that total sterol contents decreased throughout the process by 15.22% and 42.57% for canola and corn oils, respectively. Total volatiles of canola oil decreased gradually during refining, however corn oil had significant increases at bleaching step. 3-MCPD ester contents were between 0.19-0.26 mg kg-1 for corn and 0.20-0.48 mg kg-1 for canola oils. Deodorization was found to be the most influential refining stage for formation of 3-MCPD esters.


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Yıl 2021
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